We hope that you will work with us to create a more sustainable environment in the Central Shenandoah Valley.


Shenandoah Green was founded early 2019 by local citizens concerned about the need for a more sustainable environment.


Our projects focus on education and advocacy initiatives, from speaking to various groups, to holding and being involved in environmentally focused events.

Get Involved

From volunteering with our projects, to talking with your neighbors, to working towards better practices in your own home.


We welcome time and financial contributions to advocate for our mission. 


Covid 19 has certainly impacted our lives. Schools closed, social distancing, and staying home. But we can still celebrate Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary. Here are some activities to do together as a family or individually. We will share seven different activities, one for each day, for the week leading up to Earth Day on April 22, plus a bonus activity. But if you need more time to be creative, start early.


Please share your creations so everyone can celebrate together, either by posting directly on Shenandoah Green’s Facebook page or by sending your material to our email at shenandoahgreen@gmail.com. You can use your full name or just your first name, or initials if you wish, but please include your age if you are under 18.

"Flippy," Shenandoah Green's educational whale, is migrating to area schools teaching young people about the harmful impacts of plastic pollution in the ocean and how to reduce single-use plastics in their homes. Seen here at Stuart Hall School.

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