Reduce   Refuse   Reuse

There are many opportunities to be involved in working towards a more sustainable community.

  •  Start at home, one action at a time. Before you know it, you will find your weekly garbage bag is much lighter. And you will find yourself taking pride in each small accomplishment.

  • Talk to your friends and neighbors about this new commitment you are working on.

  • Attend Shenandoah Green general meetings, sharing and hearing about going green.

  • Volunteer to help with a Shenandoah Green event or an activity.

  • Be an advocate of environmental legislative bills by staying in contact with your local delegates or legislators concerning those issues important to you.

TIPS to Reduce Plastic Use and Waste


  • Replace plastic food containers with glass containers

  • Use small plates to cover food in bowls in frig

  • Say “no” to plastic shopping bags

  • Use cloth or nylon bags for shopping

  • Refuse to buy produce in plastic

  • Make your own yogurt

  • Keep a refillable water bottle handy 

  • Bring your own cup to eateries that use non-recyclable cups

  • Bring your own reusable straw 

  • Keep take-out containers in your car

  • Find bamboo or wood replacements for disposable eating ware

  • Replace paper napkins with cloth napkins

  • Use cloth hankies instead of paper tissues

  • Compost to reduce garbage and enrich your garden

  • Thoughtfully share your feelings in stores/eateries concerning their use of plastics or styrofoam

  • Take clean recyclable/stretchable plastic packaging/bags to accepting store receptacles (Locally: Food Lion, Martins, Target - used by Trex in Winchester to make decking etc.)

  • Use bar soap instead of pump containers

  • Go to Refill/Renew to buy bulk cleaning supplies

  • Be Mindful and Be Creative

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