Here's a map of the trees planted in the Staunton Legacy Tree Project!

Click and zoom around to see species, numbers and donors in and around Staunton

kids n dirt.JPG

Tree #2746 Planted!

The Staunton Legacy Tree Project installed two beautiful Princeton American Elms at Shelburne Middle School on November 12. These trees were the last two of the 2,746 trees planted--one tree for each child in Staunton City Schools. 

Thanks to our partners at Bartlett Tree Services, the Virginia Department of Forestry, the Proteus Foundation, the Ballyshannon Foundation, the Climate Reality Project, the Virginia State Lands Fund, and countless private benefactors, we were able to get this project done in about 18 months. Thanks also to the many volunteers who slogged through limestone and clay and rock to make it happen!

We are continuing to plant trees all around the city to clean the air and water, help our fellow earthlings and beautify our surroundings. You can help us by donating money or manpower to help us plant, water and take care of our trees.


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