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Staunton Tree Stewards

Join our latest project! Geo-locate trees. Make a plan for their care. Keep our air cleaner & reduce climate change gases. 


Staunton Legacy Tree Project

We did it! We planted 2,746 trees~
One for every Staunton City School Child.

See Where We Planted All Those Trees!

Here's a map of the trees planted in the Staunton Legacy Tree Project!

Click and zoom around to see species, numbers and donors in and around Staunton

Ware Elem Environmental Club 2022 - 1 better group shot.jpg

Flippy, our educational whale, migrates to schools & events teaching about plastic pollution.

Mission:  Shenandoah Green is a non-partisan, grass-roots organization, working with local and scientific stakeholders to create an environmentally sustainable community through education, action, and advocacy.


Vision:  The Shenandoah Valley is a clean, healthy and sustainable environment, serving as an environmental model for other communities.  

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