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Earth Day Staunton 2020 is Going Digital!

Covid 19 has certainly impacted our lives. Schools closed, social distancing, and staying home. But we can still celebrate Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary. Here are some activities to do together as a family or individually. We will share seven different activities, one for each day, for the week leading up to Earth Day on April 22, plus a bonus activity. But if you need more time to be creative, start early. Please share your creations so everyone can celebrate together, either by posting directly on Shenandoah Green’s Facebook page or by sending your material to our email at You can use your full name or just your first name, or initials if you wish, but please include your age if you are under 18.

Day 1 (April 15 or today): Declutter and Donate​

Pick one gently used item from your closet, toy chest, or house each day for the next week. At the end of the week put them all in a bag ready to be donated at a later date. 


“Recycling clothes becomes a resource to people while helping those in need and the environment. On a social level, it’s a place where people can build a new identity out of used clothing that gives them greater mobility in the social world. On a community level, it builds a culture of recycling.”

Day 2 (April 16 or your date) - ​Create Art!

Create a piece of artwork celebrating the Earth or depicting climate change. Use only what you have in your house. If you have paints, crayons or colored pencils, create a picture. If you have chalk, create a sidewalk masterpiece. Rummage through the Christmas wrapping paper or the paper recycling and make a collage, or recycle items such as toilet paper rolls, bottle caps, wine corks, etc., into a three-dimensional piece of art.  Get ideas on Pinterest or by searching "recycled craft projects." 

Take photos of your art and either post them to our Facebook page or email them to us, so that they can be shared with others.

Day 3 (April 17 or your date) - Celebrate Trees!

Here’s a video of a young activist and hero ( She is talking about how important trees are in fighting climate change.   

After watching the video, go outside and catalog all the trees that are in your yard. If you need to, take photos. Get good pictures of the leaves and bark. If you don’t have any trees, take a walk down the street or park and see what trees you find. Then go on the internet and try and name each tree and learn something about it. Do you have space in your yard for a new tree and would like to water and watch it grow? Shenandoah Green and the City of Staunton have a wonderful new project to plant 2,701 trees, one for every child in the Staunton school district. If you would like one or possibly more of these trees in your yard, please contact us at

Day 4 (April 18 or your date) -​Write a Poem!


Go on the internet and look up acrostic poems and haiku 5-7-5. Write an acrostic poem using the word, CLIMATE or EARTH or write a haiku poem celebrating the earth or about climate change. Before you start, you can Google search climate change, Earth Day, Greta Thunberg, sustainability, melting icebergs, how trees help the earth, bees, etc., or watch the movie, The Lorax. Here are two examples of haiku:


Baby koalas

Fleeing from massive bush fires

The message is clear


Climate change is real

Floods, fires, storms, melting icebergs

Stop this destruction



Send your poem to to be shared with others. You can type it or take a photo of your poem. You can even illustrate your poem.

Day 5 (April 19 or your date) - ​Be a Photographer!


Google search plastics in the oceans, gyres, methane gas from landfills, pollution. There is a lot at stake. Then go outside and take pictures of why we should protect and celebrate the earth. Pictures of flowers, trees, animals, sunsets, leaves floating on a stream, etc. Think about how precious the earth is and the impact humans have on the earth. Choose your best photo to share or a collage of three. Send to to be shared with others.

Day 6 (April 20 or your date) - ​Reuse Old Things

If you have an old shirt, pants, etc that you don’t want to throw out just because they have a hole, mend them fashionably. Here is an article that might be helpful! Or make a pillow out of pieces of scrap material. If you are not good with needles and thread, find old t-shirts that you can cut up to use as rags instead of using paper towels. Or find a way to repurpose something in your house such as using a tin can as a planter, wee jars as tea candle holders, something useful from a plastic gallon jug (search the internet), fun shaped jars as flower vases. Plant some flower seeds in them or pick flowers from your yard, and put the jars all about the house. Have other ideas? Share them with us at

Day 7 (April 21 or your date)- ​Reduce your Carbon Footprint!

Walk around the house and take note of all the light bulbs that are not LED or halogen. Make a plan to replace old incandescent light-bulbs with halogen—or better still, LED ones. Turn your water heater down a little. Turn your thermostat up two to four degrees in the summer and down two to four degrees in the winter. Don’t forget to wear a sweater inside in the winter and cool clothing in the summer. Check windows to see if you need insulated or sun blocking curtains to keep the heat out in summer and cold out in the winter. 

Bonus Activity - Forage for Food

Look on the internet for a recipe using dandelions. Go outside and pick dandelion greens or flowers and make the recipe you found. Take a photo, share your recipe, and send to to be shared with others.

April 22 - Share!

Happy Earth Day! Call a parent, grandparent, family member or friend who may be unable to get out and about and share what you have been doing to celebrate Earth Day and what you have learned. Or call them each day when you have finished that day’s activities. Thanks for participating in our unusual, online Earth Day Celebration!

One other event you can join is the Earth Day Network Live stream. Hear messages, performances, and more from people spreading hope, optimism and action. Join the event HERE.