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Go Green Bank

Want to be green and save money on disposable plates and glasses for your next community event? 

Go Green Bank can eliminate your group’s need to purchase throw-away products, such as plastic or paper cups and plates, and plastic cutlery, while also decreasing the amount of trash that enters our landfills. You can borrow glass plates, drinking glasses of many shapes and sizes—including wine glasses and champagne flutes-- plus knives, forks and spoons for your group’s event. Perfect for church or temple potlucks, family reunions, and community festivities of any kind. Make your reservation two weeks in advance of your event with the form below and we will be in touch as soon as we can.

Available Items


20+ clear glass dinner plates

70+ clear glass salad plates

45+ Corelle dessert/bread-and-butter plates

80+ white or ivory ceramic dessert/bread-and-butter plates


15+ 16-ounce Mason jars (suitable for water or ice tea)

70+ 17-ounce glasses (suitable for water or iced tea)

40 Highland (or highball) glasses

5+  stemmed cocktail glasses

65+ Pilsner glasses

130+ wine glasses (white and red-appropriate combined)

15+ miscellaneous small stemmed glasses (for Sherry, cordials, or wine tastings)


70+ forks

5+  knives

Go Green Bank Registration

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